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Rebecca Smith  csodás gyógyulása

Ez a cikk arról, szól, hogy a korai fejlesztés segítségével, (műtétek, durva orvosi beavatkozások helyett) hogyan gyógyult meg Rebecca Smith Down szindrómával született kislány. A cikk elkészüótekor Rebecca 17 éves volt, az USA egyik egyetemének másod éves hallgatója. A szülei által végzett, szakemberek által készített fejlesztő program, valamint az a plusz, az a szeretet, amelyet csak a szülők tudnak biztosítani gyermeküknek csodákra képes. Olvasd el Te is ezt a csodát! (angol nyelvű)

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 Forrás: by Janet Gauger IN-REPORT Editor

When Rebecca Smith was born on August 27, 1980, her parents were told that because she had Down's syndrome her future waslimited. But a few months later the Maine residents read a farm journal article describing a program in Philadelphia that held promise for Down's syndrome children.
After enduring the nine-month waiting list for an appointment, thirteen-month-old Rebecca was seen at The Institutes. She had no mobility, but soon after beginning the inclined plane program she began to crawl. "We became convinced that the program works," says her father, who easily recalls their first visit in 1991. "We know Down's kids who couldn't speak or who had no manners, and we decided to become activists for our daughter. We realized that there was no ceiling for her."
Returning home, Justin and Carol Smith were told that they were being "unrealistic" and simply hadn't "accepted the situation". Instead of listening to these naysayers, Rebecca's parents plunged into a daily intensive program of patterning, masking, vestibular stimulation, the inclined plane, nu trition, reading, Bits of Intelligence, and Dot Cards.
The changes were apparent. At 27 months could walk, her energy level and overall health had improved, and her speech was developing well.
Rebecca and her family continued with the program for four years. She entered first grade with her peers, but it took the first six years to convince everyone that she had the ability to be in regular classes. "After sixth grade they understood,"says her mother, "and certain teachers became advocates for Rebecca."
"becuase of her level of function, "says her parents, " Becca has become an advocate for others and has been involved in policy chenges. "She was invited to serve on an interview team held by the Maine Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation  Consumer Advocacy. She was also appointed to a legislative commision looking into the adequacy of services for adults with special needs. This legislative committee for mental health was seeking advice on how to better care for special needs adults, and Rebecca supported the idea of individual housing to encourage independe and responsibility.She made friends with the co-chairs of the appropriations commitee, who were very impressed with Rebecca's testimony before the committee.
In addition, Rebecca has been recently appointed to a statwidefifteen.month study in vocational services. She has also been invited to wok as a page in the state legislature during the next session. During the past few years Rebecca has worked as a day camp aide, helping out with another Down's child, as an iffoce assistant with the Employment Support Service in Gardiner, Maine, and as an office assistant in the Office of Consumer Affairs.
The Smiths recently visited The Institutes in April 1998. Rebecca reported that as a high-school sophomore  she is studying English, math, science, gym and art. She is involved in many goups, including dance, jazz, performance, the field hockey team, managing the junior varsity basketball team, and Girl Scouts, and was looking forward to attending the upcoming school prom. After high chool Rebecca hopes to study painting and drawing at an art college. Already she has established herself as a young woman who enjoys life and whose future truly has no ceiling.

Ha tetszett a cikk, és van olyan ismerősöd, akit e veleszületett betegség (Down's sindroma) közvetlenül is érint, mert van a családjában Down's sindromás beteg,  kérd meg, hogy vegye fel  velem a kapcsolatot, mert ez a csoda, hogy gyermeke, hozzátartozója teljes értékű életet tud élni, velük is megtörténhet, ha elsajátítja a korai fejlesztés programját. Klikk a linkre:


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